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Product Description:
- The CD cabinet fans is available in 5 standard sizes.
- The CD cabinet fans has maximum flow rates of 3500 CMH and maximum Static Pressure of 500 Pa
- The CD cabinet fans has maximum noise of 68 dB(A)


  • Cabinet Manufactured in galvanised steel, complete with inlet and outlet spigots.
  • Internal acoustics lining is avilable, which offers better acoustics performance.
  • Mouting brackets and access panel fitted as standard.
  • Interchangeable position of inlet spigot and access panel, which provides flexibility for installation.
  • High efficiency forward curves DIDW impeller with galvanised steel scroll.
  • 3 speed motor for H/M/L air volume induction motors with sealed for life bearing, suitable for single phase electrical supply


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General Features:
- The ASH fans have single width, single inlet centrifugal impellers with forward curved blades.
- The ASH range is based on 15 sizes, from 200 up to 1000 mm of wheel diameter
- The ASH volume rates range is from 4  Read More

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