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General Description:
- Nicotra Gebhardt ADB series fan are particularly Suitable for the extraction removal of hot, dusty laden, corrosive fumes or gaseous. Widely used in the kitchen fumes extraction and other dusty envinronment where the electrical motor is isolated from the hazardous air stream.
- The Nicotra Gebhardt axial fan provide wide range of air volume from 360 cmh to 216000 cmh, at static pressure up to 1000 Pa 

- The housing is made of heavy-gauge mild steel casing, seamless double flanges at both end and Hot Dip Galvanized finishing.
- High Efficiency impeller made of adjustable pitch aerofoil blades. ALU type or GRN type.
- Foot mounting and powder coated bake enamel finishing is available as standard option.


  • High Efficiency
  • Fully Adjustable Blade
  • Versatile
  • High Quality Material
  • Interchangeable Components
  • The Axial Impeller Is Balanced In Line ISO 1940,G2.5
  • Robust Construction
  • GRN and Pressure Die Cast Alumunium Material
  • Anti Static GRN for Anti Spark Application


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General features:
- This Series comprises of 6 model sizes consist of BIO-100, BIO-125, BIO-150, BIO-200, BIO-250 and BIO-300
- The BIO fan covers an airflow range at maximum range 1400 cmh
- 3 speed motor for   Read More

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