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General Description:
- Double Inlet Centrifugal Fans Belt Driven with Forward Curved Blades

The construction standard used for Nicotra ADH fans is inspired to the maximum strength and reliability, independently from the construction version. Common characteristics of these products are :
- product quality
- high performance
- outmost economy
- quietness
- ease of assembly

ADH fans are available in L, R, K, K1 and K2 version.

Standard fans are supplied with both shaft ends prepared to fit a pulley. They can be indifferently used with either RD or LG rotation. All the versions with side frames can be easily turned to install them in one of the four orientations : 00, 900, 1800 or 2700. When requested, fan orientation is identified, according to ISO 13349 and Eurovent 1/1, when looking at the fan from the drive side. RD means right (clockwise) rotation & LG means left (counter-clockwise) rotation.

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