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Fan solutions for smoke extraction

You have to understand fire to master smoke extraction

Perfect smoke extraction in the case of fire not only demands absolute understanding of the techniques used – it also calls for an understanding of the nature of fire and the flow of fumes. Nicotra Gebhardt sets standards in both aspects. We can offer you the world’s largest range of mechanical smoke extraction solutions. With our fans, we master every form of smoke extraction, whatever the application. We thereby ensure maximum safety throughout any building – from the underground car park to the roof – and comply with all the statutory norms for building fire protection.

For example:

with the Jetfan, you save on investments across the board. Thanks to the impulse fan system, there is no need to invest in expensive, large-scale duct systems and high-maintenance smoke extraction flaps. The bigger the garage or ventilation system, the more money you save with the jet system. What’s more, you will benefit from our computer-aided smoke flow simulation during the planning stage. Discover low, low prices for underground car park smoke extraction: with the Jetfan.

The challenges and our solutions

Planning Security

Ideal planning for our customers due to use of CFX smoke flow simulation


Selected service partners install the entire system on site on request


On request we accompany the projects of our customers from the planning to the acceptance

Planning Security

Seamless range of smoke extraction systems ensure implementation for our customers


The entire range of fans and accessories complies with EN 12101-3

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