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about us

With the Strong Motivation of Our Team to become the leading company in total ventilation system (with supporting knowledge of supply and design vibration isolators and sound atenutors as an main accessories) HVAC job in the projects buildings and industries.

We put the Motto: "Customers are Partners Give Our Best" means we are strongly support our customers best price, product quality and last not least technical support and after sales service suitable for the condition of financial, function, economic operations, and initial budget.

Our Sales Team, Engineering, Maintenance Staff, and these are the best team we have ever to support Our Customer all out.

"Thank you for all the Support from our existing Customers, finally we are very much appreciating for all the trust has given to us".

Very truly yours,
The Team Director

Komplek Grogol Permai Blok H no. 18 Jl. Latumenten Raya, Jakarta 11460 / P: +62 21 5648 388 / F: